Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. is free for influencers.
Influencer responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Carefully read promotions and only apply to ones you are interested in and can complete in a timely manner
  • Consider factors that may affect the time it takes to complete tasks when committing to completion time during the application process(ex: type of product, shipping time, other responsibilities).  Completion time starts when the product is shipped or coupon code is uploaded
  • Use coupon code, if provided, within 24 hours of upload
  • Respond to messages in the message center in a timely fashion. Never provide personal information (email, blog url, etc.) via the message center - All information required is provided to the business via Tomoson software
  • Connect with brands using message center regarding any concern or issue with the product or campaign
  • Post unique content when completing tasks
  • Verify valid links that direct to the actual post/review
  • Complete campaign tasks on time to maintain a high rating
  • Always act in a professional manner
  • Follow TOS of Tomoson and sites where you are posting
When a Brand creates a campaign, they set prerequisites for what kind of influencer they are looking for. The parameters could be anythingfrom the amount of Twitter followers, Google Analytics unique visitors (now called "users" by Google Analytcis), or niche the blog is in. If an influencer meets the criteria they will be preapproved. For the final step in the approval proceess, the Brand manually approves the influencers they wish to work with.
Most products are provided at no charge but some are offered at highly discounted prices. Information on how product will be provided to influencers is provided in the Campaign. Carefully read and understand campaign requirements before applying. 

Products received by using Tomoson are for the sole purpose of testing in order to provide an honest and unbiased review.  Any other use, including but not limited to selling for profit is considered a violation and can result in suspension of your account.
Brands want to hire influencers who care and are engaged in the social space. For highly competitive campaigns, brands want to be able to reach the most influential bloggers out there.  Also, updating your social profile will assist Tomoson in matching you with brands that match your capabilities.
It is not required, but the entire purpose of Tomoson is to create reviews (good or bad) about the product.
Yes, Tomoson reserves the right to remove review verifications if the task(s) is invalid or post(s) do not follow Terms and Conditions. Tomoson also reserves the right to request additional information in the form of screenshots, order numbers, etc. in order to verify the validity of verified posts. 
Tomoson considers a task invalid if:
  • it is obvious that the influencer did not test the product
  • the post is obviously for a product other than what was provided to the Influencer
  • the post is an obvious copy/paste of information from the brand’s site 
  • the link submitted is not valid, does not direct to the actual post, or is not from the site specified for that task
  • Influencer, upon request from Tomoson, does not provide screenshot of their post or other items as requested as proof of completion of task(s)
Total Reach is the sum of an influencer's social channels.
Total Reach = website visitors + Facebook friends & likes + Twitter followers + Youtube subscribers + Instagram followers
Tomoson accounts may be locked, suspended or closed for any of the following reasons:
  • Mis-using coupon codes provided by a business
  • Not following FTC guidelines
  • Not following Tomoson Review Creation Policy
  • Selling products received for review purposes
  • Posting fake, copy/paste or non-reviews
  • Sending threatening messages / spam / marketing or advertising / messages not related to any campaign / or acting in an unprofessional manner
  • Connected social accounts do not meet the minimum number of followers
  • No social accounts connected or 0 Total Reach / Average Engagement
All suspensions are final and at the discretion of
All dates and times for are based on Central Time (Example: Current time in Chicago, Illinois, United States).  A Tomoson time clock is located in the website's footer for your convenience.
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