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120sheets MOREI Floor cleaning sheets for mopping

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20% off maybe coupon also available for MOREI Multi Effect Floor Cleaning Sheets high efficiency and concentrated for floor grout cleaning.
edges as follow:
  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED, QUICK REFRESH AND POWERFUL DEEP CLEAN - this innovative liquid-free floor cleaning sheet is made to eliminate stubborn stain, dirt, odor, food, grease and grime. Leaves a polished shine and fresh scent to your cleaned areas.
    EFFICIENT, EASY TO USE and STORE, SAVE TIME&SPACE: Pre-cut, Pre-Measuredthose big plastic jugs are bulky! You can fit 4 packs of MOREi in the same space as 1 plastic jug. Free of 95% water,Helps to reduce transportation fuel consumption. our package is so lightweight, and simply dilute one sheet in 3L of water for floor cleaning. A little goes a long way!
    ZERO WASTE, ZERO TOXIC, NO POLLUTION, NO HARM TO KIDS&PETS, PROTECT EARTH: All Materials including package, disposable, dis solvable, Does not change the pH of the soil. Safe and fast drying formula, harmless to pets and babies.
    UNIVERSAL FOR MOST MATERIALS OF FLOORS: wood, lamination, tile, marble, bricks, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, tile, sealed wood and more etc.
    MULTI PURPOSE, MULTI EFFECT CLEANER: Our multi surface cleaner not only clean hardwood, marble, laminate floors, but also tile, ceramic and wood furniture, such as ceramic sink, bathtub, kitchen island.

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