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20%off 420loads MOREi laundry detergent sheets

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20% off for 420 loads of MOREi laundry detergent sheets, good for travel: average 0.095usd/load
  • ✅1.MOREI Laundry Sheets are Pre-measured, Precut, Zero Waste, Stain fighting laundry detergent paraben-free,bleach-free, and phosphate-free There is obvious protection for the environment and natural vegetation. Degradation factor process of compressive active enzymes.
    ✅.Our Laundry detergent is made into liquidless, powderless, good for travel, much smaller than other packaging plastics and bags, it can save you space, especially suitable for travel Portable laundry tablets are to save backpack space, but also suitable for dissolving well in low-temperature mountain spring water conditions to remove stubborn stains on clothing that are scratched by vegetation and do not fade.
    ✅Good for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, safe for baby and pets, non toxic, good for hand wash for homemaid, students, school and college laundry supplies, free and clean.
    ✅laundry detergent Compatible with all types of washing machines including HE, Top load and front load, laundry bucket, laundry baskets, Laundry organization, outdoor washing scenes and other packaging boxes the outdoors will not cause garbage , degradable in soil. Dissolves completely in hot or cold water, powerful cleaning. Eco-responsible packaging, biodegradable, dye free, natural, septic safe, vegan
    ✅Seal and store it in a dry place; avoid direct sunlight and high temperature All types of fabrics. Surfactant, water-softening agent, Sapindus, Mukurossi extract, cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil extract, Bioenzyme, Fragrance, fungicide, deionized water.
    ✅Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If in the eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. If on the skin .wash with water for several times. If swallowed, immediately call a poison center or doctor. Dot induces vomiting.

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