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Dark Brown Hair Dye Shampoo

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【Need at least 1 minute video】Dear, please note we need at least 1 minute video for this product. For example, the use effect, the comparison before and after, the use feeling, and so on.
【 Quick 】 In only 20 minutes MOHOPE instant hair dye shampoo changes your grey hair to dark brown magically. Up to 100% gray coverage. This semi-permanent hair color shampoo lasts up to 4 weeks with one use.
【 Natural Ingredients 】 Safe ingredients and rich in plant essence. Revolutionary, no stink smell, no toxic, no side effects to hair and scalp, natural effect. Only activate when you combine two liquids together. Invalid when it meets water. The shampoo does not leave any color on the scalp.
【 Portable 】 Individual packaging, easy to carry. More economical than dyeing in a hair salon, easily apply from the comfort of your home. 1:1 ratio for best effect.
【 3 IN 1 Hair Dye 】 These hair coloring products can be used not only as a dark brown hair dye but also as a hair shampoo and hair conditioner to make your hair soft and shiny.
【 Usage 】 Skin test before using; keep hair dry, wear the gloves; cut the bag to the end, mix two liquids; apply on hair, rub it evenly and wash hair with water after 20-25 minutes.

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