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Razor Free - The Mind-Body Method of Natural Hair Removal

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A revolutionary new look on hair removal, growth, and the power to reclaim our bodies.

Like many other “truths”, the claim that you need to suffer for beauty is so widely accepted that all other standards of beauty have been pushed aside. Our natural, primal connection to our bodies has been replaced by laser treatments, chemicals, and razors. But is it possible that hair growth is actually connected to our consciousness? Can it be discouraged? Can it be encouraged?

Razor Free can teach you how anyone can free themselves from the crutches of industrial methods and reconnect with their body to generate a healthy, positive self-image. Filled with humor, self-awareness, and extraordinary sensitivity, Razor Free’s true story explores new horizons of beauty and care through quantifiable research, quantum physics, and an inspiring personal story that turns the impossible – possible.

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