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You Are Home: Incorporating Your Identity Into Your Everyday Space

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Bring out your inner creator and learn how your passions, ideals, and desires can help design the perfect home—for you.

No matter what people say, you don’t need to be an expert designer to make your house into a cozy, comfy, stylish home. In fact, all you need to design the perfect space for your everyday life is already entirely in your hands.

With engaging prompts and rich real-life examples, expert urban architect Rachel Warchawski will teach you how to tap into your creative fountain and make any home your own – whether it’s a new two-stories cottage or a 3-bedroom apartment.

In You Are Home, Rachel will teach you to:
  • Define which of the Four Design Archetypes you belong in.
    Design while taking desires and spontaneity into account.
    Incorporate the emotional and functional importance of your belongings.
    Create spaces that boost confidence, creativity, order, and even peace of mind.
    Significantly improve your own quality of life, by controlling your personal space.

You Are Home will help you enrich your lifestyle, unlock the potential of any house, apartment, business, or space – and within yourself.

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